An Inhospitable Beauty – La Paz

There are so many reasons why Bolivia shouldn’t be somewhere I’d want to visit. It’s cold, the high altitude makes it uncomfortable for most Europeans, the cuisine leaves a lot to be desired, they’re far behind much of the world when it comes to tourism and customer service and you can’t flush paper down the toilet. However, if you can deal with all of the above, Bolivia will show itself to be one of the most interesting, stunning and action-packed countries you’ll ever visit. … More An Inhospitable Beauty – La Paz

Becoming a Savage

The Slateman in Snowdonia National Park, Wales has a reputation for being one of the most epic triathlons in the country, if not the world. My fellow TVT members have always recommended it as one of the best races with the friendliest atmosphere, so obviously I had to give it a go! … More Becoming a Savage